Consulting All Phases of Development:

Our expertise in development is vital in increasing revenue, lowering costs and improving the construction time.  Both of these elements are essential in a successful investment.

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Purchasing Existing Facilities or Development Land:

Towne Storage is interested in growth.  If you are looking to sell land, an existing facility, a portion of a facility, or even do a joint venture, we would like to talk.

Investment Opportunities:

If you want to be part of a Joint Venture or own a facility yourself, invest in or purchase an existing facility, or build a new one we can help you meet your goals

Feasibility Studies:

We can look at any type of self storage project in any stage and asses the feasibility.  This would include raw land or even an existing facility that you may be looking at to purchase.

Acquisitions and Sales (1031 experienced):

In our office, we have experienced agents and brokers that can assist you in buying or selling.  We specialize in all types of commercial real estate, including land.  The contacts and relationships we have in the industry are top notch so if you want it we can help you find it.


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Facility Management:

Facility management along with the best designs, locations and features will give your investment the advantages it needs.  We take pride in education and flexibility.  This industry is changing and we need to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.  Our affiliations, literature read, trips to national trade shows and seminars as well as participating in the local self storage associations keep us on the cutting edge.  We also have excellent employees from top to bottom including trainers, managers, auditors and others to help us continually improve.

Partnerships and Joint Ventures:

This is a great way for someone who wants to get into the business to improve their success.  We have worked with several individuals, trusts and other companies to realize their dream of financial freedom, self storage ownership and a secure investment.  We are highly selective: if you are interested don't hesitate to ask.