Towne Storage was the first company in Utah to build a self storage facility with 100% climate controlled units in a multi story building.  This is a concept that has been used effectively in other parts of the country but not in Utah until we did it.  This type of building requires the right demographics, location and design to be successful.  Miss on any one of these and chances are the project will underperform.

Most people are familiar with the traditional drive up storage.  This is still a very viable design and one that we use.  Even though this type of storage has been around since the beginning it is important to design and manage it correctly.  Our experience and knowledge give us an edge.

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Recently we completed a renovation project in the heart of Salt Lake City. This was a very unique experience and opportunity. We started with a building 40,000 square feet in size, four stories tall and built in the early 1900's. Then we added an addition four stories to the side of the building nearly doubling the overall size. The building was old, rundown and had many other issues and we were able to tun it into a self storage gem and improve the area. We are exited about this facility and the change it has made to the area.

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